The New Balancing Act

May 28, 2020


Hi everybody, it's Linda Frazee and I am the intuitive coach who helps you with what comes next!

Today I want to talk about managing conflict, about any situation that you're in and particularly the world situation at the moment.

So right now the whole world is debating about opening up the economy and whether that's too scary, and if you should stay home and be safe and manage your health.

And almost everybody I know is grappling with that same sort of problem. And when the government and the world is struggling, it's only natural that you would as well.

So how are you managing to do that? How are you faced with this dilemma and how are you trying to manage it for yourself and manage the sense of being conflict free inside with these two big things to decide?

Now obviously, if you have money and you have food and your pantry is stocked full, you don't have to worry about either of those things. It's an easier decision than for those who don't. And then if you're someone...

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How Will You Emerge?

Apr 28, 2020


Hello everybody! I'm Linda Frazee and I've been working with individuals for 40 years, helping them go through change and stress and difficult things in their life.

This has been a difficult thing in many people's lives right now, almost for everybody's life, not only in our country, but around the world. So now it looks like it may begin to change a bit and we may be able to eventually get back to a semi-normal. Some States have gone faster than others.

So my question for you today is how will you emerge? And I don't mean with your mask and your gloves, but I do mean how will you feel and what will you take with you when you leave, and what are you excited about? I've heard different versions from many people.

Some people are going to be very excited to be with other people to get hugs, to go and see a neighbor, to actually have a group to go to a concert! They just can't wait. Other people are saying, I can't wait to go to a restaurant or just go shopping. I want to go in...

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Quarantine Calm

Apr 14, 2020

This is Linda Frazee with Authentic Wisdom

For may of us, it has been a month or more that we have been sequestered at home. Each week our ability to go out and about has become more restrictive. That’s great if you are in introvert, but if you are an extravert, you may be ready to climb the walls by now!

That’s called cabin fever! And it is NOT always easy to handle! 

We hear and see all the unique and creative ways other people are Handling this time, but it still can be difficult.

Have you found yourself lethargic? Unable to get motivated for all those tasks you thought you would? Are you starting to snap at your housemates? Overeating? Misplacing items like your cell phone or water bottle? Do you find yourself angry that no one knows when this will end and we will be back to normal? Not to even mention worrying about your finances!

Those are just a few signs that you may be getting restless, and rightly so!

We all have to manage this current...

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The Winds of Change on... Steroids! Protecting Your Emotional and Physical Health During Covid-19

Apr 05, 2020

Hello everybody, this is Linda Frazee,

I want to talk to you today about Change, in part 3 of my series.

Little did I know that when I planned three different elements of change, that the third one would be when we were in change on steroids!

So here we are in the world where everything has changed.

So what do you do about that

Well, you might have noticed that there's like three basic reactions that people have to this. The first one is in 'denial'. This is not happening. I don't have to do anything about it. I don't want to social distance! They get irritated about it and they deny. You might have had some of that in the early stages.

The second one is sort of 'fascination' like, 'Well, isn't this interesting?!' This is a historic time in history and I'm just fascinated with what's going on. And isn't it crazy that everybody is out there buying toilet paper? So that's number two.

And then the third one is 'fear'. Now, I would imagine that everybody listening here and watching me...

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What's Sleep Got to Do With It? Fighting COVID19 with Sleep as Your Greatest Ally

Mar 16, 2020

Hello everyone,

This week, it's my privilege to introduce you to Arizona Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Elaine Stewart. 

Dr. Stewart and I briefly discuss just a few of the ways that healthy sleep can help bolster your immune system to fight virus and disease on this week's video blog.  

Often overlooked, and even discounted, sleep is when your body sets to recovering and healing damaged cells so they can perform at their best and keep you healthy too. 

You can watch the 7 minute interview here - and, trust me, 7 minutes wasn't enough! 

Dr. Stewart and I dive even deeper into this, with the science and resources to help you even further, in a 30 minute video, inside the Authentic Wisdom Community.

This Authentic Wisdom Community is jammed full of interviews, modules, and resources focused on three key areas:

  • The Enneagram
  • Synchronicity and Intuition
  • Lifetime Wellness

You can join the community today for just $19.95 per month for UNLIMITED access. 


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Winds of Change - Part 2 of 3

Feb 29, 2020


Hi, I'm Linda Frazee and this is part two of three parts of the "Winds of Change".

We're all in a very tumultuous time right now in our United States, in the political system, in with the weather with our climate change, with everything. And so wherever you are, I'm sure your experiences have changed too.

In the first in series which was recorded last week, I talked about how there was a model of change about how things happened and that we either make a decision to go into proactivity or into reactivity. Today, I'm going to carry that theme forward a little bit more and talk about what we do when we're in that reactive place, and what to do about it.

Again, my name is Linda Frazee and I've been teaching these systems for 40 years, helping people figure out how they are in change and how to become more effective and navigate it more effectively.

I'm going to put a model up here about change. It's actually about deprivation and compulsion. And what it shows is the idea of...

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Winds of Change - Part 1 of 3

Feb 22, 2020

Hello everybody. I want to talk to you today about the winds of change.

The winds of change could be like a gentle breeze that ruffles the leaves on the sidewalk, or it could be like a hurricane! Some of you have experienced both! Sometimes it happens like you think it's just a little breeze and suddenly it's a hurricane because change often coalesces. Some of you notice that sometimes things will happen, like you'll have three different things happen, like have a problem at work and then your car breaks down and then you have a financial problem all at the same time. And that is even more difficult with change!

Well, my name is Linda Frazee and I've been teaching people how to manage change effectively for the last 40 years. It's a big thing and it hasn't gone away. It will never go away! Our ability to learn how to manage change effectively, especially emotionally with ourselves, is really essential.

In addition to teaching people how to manage change, I have been teaching the...

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Enneagram Keys to Self-Care

Feb 08, 2020


Hello everybody. My name is Linda Frazee and today I want to talk to you about taking good care of yourself from the Enneagram perspective. 

There are nine 'types' on the Enneagram, and each one has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to taking care of oneself. In my 40 years of working with people, I've been teaching people for those 40 years to take care of themselves:, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And in those 40 years, I've had some years where I did all four of those briefly, but most of the time, I was focused on one more than another. Now because I'm a four on the Enneagram, which is a big feeling type, my feelings could get in the way. So I've had to work on that myself and I've helped many of others as well. So I want to tell you a little bit about it.

1. First of all, the first type is the 'one' and they're called sometimes the perfectionist or the reformer. They're very good about following orders. When they start a plan, they're right on...

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Refresh your Resolutions: Gateway to Goal Achievement

Jan 25, 2020

Hi, this is Linda Frazee and I want to talk to you a little more today about setting and achieving goals. That's something that we're always in the process of doing. And I have some suggestions.

You know, it's interesting that when people set goals - so often we don't really get what we want! We don't really achieve what we want. I believe there's three reasons.

The first reason is we really weren't very serious when we set the goal. It sounded good, we really did want to lose the weight, we really did want to go to the gym. We really did want a new relationship. We did want to start finding a spiritual practice or whatever. However we forgot to add in the element of sacrifice and change! If you're going to achieve something new, you have to change what you're doing.

You have to add a practice, you have to add some time, you have to shift things around. Somehow, everybody is looking for that magic pill to lose weight or someone to just immediately come to the house and help us stay...

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Stepping Over Your Stumbling Blocks To Achieve Your Goals

Jan 19, 2020

Hi everybody, this is Linda Frazee. I want to talk to you today about reaching your goals and some of the things that get in your way.

You know, our motivation is really important when we start something new, and the Enneagram is a personality system I teach that helps you get down to that deeper motivation. It's interesting because there's nine different types of personalities on the Enneagram and those nine types are in three different 'centers'.

The first center is the heart types, which is the emotional feeling types. And then we have the mental types, which are the thoughtful ones that are sometimes called the thinking types. And then we have the kinesthetic or body types. So there are three different centers of the Enneagram.

When it comes to reaching your goals, there are challenges and there are strengths for each one of those types, and I want to give you an illustration - one of each of those types in each center.

So let's start out with the 'ones'. If you're a 'one'...

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