The New Balancing Act

May 28, 2020


Hi everybody, it's Linda Frazee and I am the intuitive coach who helps you with what comes next!

Today I want to talk about managing conflict, about any situation that you're in and particularly the world situation at the moment.

So right now the whole world is debating about opening up the economy and whether that's too scary, and if you should stay home and be safe and manage your health.

And almost everybody I know is grappling with that same sort of problem. And when the government and the world is struggling, it's only natural that you would as well.

So how are you managing to do that? How are you faced with this dilemma and how are you trying to manage it for yourself and manage the sense of being conflict free inside with these two big things to decide?

Now obviously, if you have money and you have food and your pantry is stocked full, you don't have to worry about either of those things. It's an easier decision than for those who don't. And then if you're someone who's trying to feed three kids and you don't have any money and you've lost your job and this is a much more dire question. But just for the moment, let's put all of that, all those possibilities, up on the shelf because I really want to talk to you today about managing this conflict from within with yourself.

So the first thing is pretty obvious. Letting fear or anger run your decisions is certain to take you out of the ability to make a good choice. The best choice for yourself or anybody else. In addition, it erodes your immune system and it creates more anxiety!

So here's some suggestions for you. If you're the kind of person who wants to make sure you're doing it right or you need to know the facts, make sure you look at all the facts. Don't look at just one. Don't just watch one TV network station. Don't just to take one doctor's opinion, look at all of them and do some good fact checking so that when you make your decision for yourself, you're making it from a standpoint with as much possible information as possible. And that's really important! Watch out for the radical views though, the ones that are a way on one side or one on the other. And I'm not talking politically, I'm just talking about different viewpoints. Like everybody in the world should wear a mask. Nobody in the world should wear a mask. Most of those are polarities.

So try to find your neutral ground with that and sit back and really make an informed decision for yourself and for your family. Now on the other hand, if you're someone who is just broken hearted about all the people that are struggling, all the little children that are going hungry, you can't keep yourself from watching all the lines of people lined up to get food and you're watching people go to food banks and you're just imagining how that could be for those people. And you're just so in touch with it that you're almost immobile. Well then take some action. So take a deep breath and take some action. Go work at the food bank. Send some money if that's not practical for you. If you have any extra money, send it to the place where you think it will do the most good.

Help a neighbor do something that will really help! Offer to babysit your neighbor's kids if they've been in quarantine for a long time and the kids would like something different and so would they. So there's lots of ways to help but move your energy from feeling so sorry and so upset about what's going on for them and move it back to yourself. And the whole thing about this is - don't send worry, don't send worry for your family that's out of town. The people you can't see, even the people in the hospital, don't send worry and fear because that's, that's not good for them and it's not good for you. Send faith and courage. So if you've gotten into that habit if there's a path in the road and you come right down the path and there's a 'Y' in the road - and faith and courage are on one side, and discouragement and fear and worry are on the other, go down the path of faith and courage! They need more faith and courage and so do you!

And last but not least, if you're just completely overwhelmed by the whole issue and therefore can't make any decisions, first of all, quit watching the news because you're probably overloaded with lots of options and so many options and not knowing who to believe. I mean, one authority says one thing, one authority another and another one says another! Stop that and get grounded!

If you're angry, and there's a lot of anger out there, if you're angry at the people who are looking at this differently than you are, if you're angry that you've been delayed from going to work. If you're angry at your economic situation or any number of other things, use that energy wisely. So first of all, get it out of your body. So exercise, take a fast walk. If you don't really exercise, ride a bike, plant a garden, clean some area of your house. Take that energy that you've got into anger and get it out of your body because that's not doing you or anybody else any good either.

Resist watching the things that make you angry. I have a number of my clients who have chosen to get off of social media because they would see postings and then they would write back. It was like a social media war about different viewpoints of the situation. And that's not useful either, that only stirs things up. So take the energy of anger and use it for a positive action. Do something for yourself to get it out. And then very much like what I said before, do something out in the world. Even if it's getting in touch with people who might be lonely, you could volunteer to deliver food to people who are lonely. You may have relatives that might like to hear from you. Do Zoom friend meetings, have a Zoom birthday party for a friend! Plant a garden! Ride your bike or take long walks. Call old friends and check up on them. Go for a ride in your car to change the scene. There's hundreds and hundreds of things you can do that will help other people and help you too.

So what I'd like to say is it's inside you, no matter how you look at all of this, there is a voice inside that is whispering to you what is the best course of action for you. The question is, are you listening??? So listen, and have a good day,

Linda Frazee with Authentic Wisdom and






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