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The Three Pillars of Authentic Wisdom

The Enneagram

Self-knowledge is the beginning of your journey to freedom. This is the awareness of the underlying habits and behaviors that have been running you. This is where all change begins.


Diving into your deeper self to hear the, still small, voice inside, heightens your intuitive senses and increases synchronicity and flow. Learn to trust your internal guidance system.


Wellness is more than just physical health. It flows through all aspects of your life, including work, relationships, your mind, and spirituality. Embrace self-care as one of the bedrock pieces of a well-adjusted and balanced life. 

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  • A Community of likeminded people
  • A sense of belonging
  • Information at your fingertips
  • New ideas to contemplate
  • A voyage of self-discovery
  • Sharing in a trusted group
  • Creative ways to stay healthy on all levels
  • Deepen your own authentic wisdom
  • Further trust your inner voice
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"Linda helps me plant seeds for my future. Then she watches with me as they bloom."

Business Owner

"Linda is very insightful, personable, and spiritually minded. Working with her on my reaction to life events brought clarity about my intuition and my gifts that I would not easily have arrived at by myself. She helped to liberate me from unhelpful reactive patterns of behavior. I now know myself better, trusting my intuition and my gifts. I have also come to terms with past failures by coming to terms with them. The future looks positive, thanks to Linda. "

Professional Coach

"Linda's comforting approach and Enneagram expertise help me to understand why I think, feel, and react to a variety of life situations. Our interactions help me to get "un-stuck" from worry, which is my natural predisposition. She is a sage who shares her intuition and practical tools, that I can revisit and use on my own. Our engagements leave me feeling heard, smarter, cared for and well-equipped. Linda is a wise, soft landing who offers lifelong-lasting results."

Kay Lawton
Wife & Corporate Marketing Professional

"Linda’s guided visualizations were transformative for me. These “imageries” let me skip right over theory, moving right into deep healing. Linda helped me begin to create a clear and new way of life where I no longer feel controlled or mystified by family and work drama. I feel autonomous and valued. Best of all, I have now lived this way for decades!"

Dana Mayer
5-Star Coach

"Linda introduced me to the Enneagram personality system, and this continues to be a guiding light in my life. Learning where I land on the enneagram has helped me embrace who I am-the strengths and the weaknesses-without judgement. I used to think there was something wrong with me. My brain very clearly works differently than many other people in my circle growing up, and it certainly bucks traditional wisdom of-go to school to be something and then spend your whole life being that something. I used to live in fear that if I listened to my heart, and ignored all the advice from career counselors and grandparents, that I would end up destitute and alone, with fingers pointing at me, saying, "I told you so." Through my work with Linda and the Enneagram, I realized that was absolutely not true. And when I awakened to this, I was able to reign in the shadow, or the weaknesses, and bolster the strengths, to create success beyond my wildest imagination. "

Bill Soroka

The Magic Wand

If you had a magic wand and could eliminate a lifetime challenging habit or pattern, what would it be? 

Your Internal GPS

What do you have to do to in order to trust yourself more deeply and to be guided from within?

The Messenger

If you were to truly receive and act on the message that has been repeatedly delivered about your wellness, what would it say?

Deepen Your Authentic Wisdom

Tease your mind with new ideas, discover hidden aspects of yourself, and join other likeminded seekers on the same path to authenticity.


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