Nurture or Nature, THAT is the Question!

Feb 09, 2021

What motivates our behavior? Why do we do what we do?

It's always interesting to figure that out for ourselves. And often, even though when we think we know ourselves really well, we might've found ourselves thinking, 'why did I do that?'.

I know I sometimes do that. And even more often, looking at other people and thinking, 'why do they do that?'. The Enneagram is one of the best ways of understanding that.

My name is Linda Frazee. I have been working with individuals, companies and all kinds of organizations as a professional speaker, as a consultant and as a coach for 35 years.

One of the best tools I've ever found to work with people is called the Enneagram. That's a personality system that describes nine different 'types' of personalities, nine different styles of approaching life.

Furthermore, you have four other points that are 'resource points' that you bring in as you get to know yourself. It sometimes can seem complicated. It is not a simple tool. And, I and I don't believe in any grand tests.

I believe in people finding themselves by reading paragraphs and doing their own inner search because you see, you're the leading expert about who you are!

Why would you want to learn the system?

Number one, it teaches you self compassion. It gives you compassion for others who you look at and wonder what their motive is.

Two, it helps reduce conflict and improve communication. It's really essential when it comes to relationships of all kinds - be that at work or at home.

One of the base principles of the Enneagram is how do you get to be a 'type'?

A fair amount of research out there suggests there is a genetic predisposition at birth. Any of you who've had two or more children can tell that just between babies in a crib - the different approach that they have to life.

Some babies are more needy, some babies are like 'leave me alone.' 'Don't pick me up!' 'Just let me rest here.' Others are smiling and gooing and gooing at you right away. And others are looking away.

There's hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of behavioral things that have been studied, watched, and monitored to determine the temperament of babies. In fact, there was a study many years ago where these little babies were followed for 50 years. They were found to have that same temperament 50 years later!

It just happens that those temperaments follow the same kind of types of the Enneagram. At the time, the Enneagram wasn't even known in the United States. Today, there's lots of correlation.

I have two people here with me today who are twins, raised in the same family. They have different Enneagram types. I have watched their types because I'm their aunt and I've seen them since they were born.

I could tell that they were different from the beginning, but I didn't know the Enneagram in those days. I didn't know why they were different, but it was always a fascination to me.

I'm having them here today for them to tell us a little bit about what types they are, and how that was a difference for them in their family of origin and their life and work.

First, I have Janine here. Janine is a High School art teacher in Colorado. Tell us what type you identify with and how that has shown up throughout your life?

Janine: Well, I identify with being a Four, and I definitely can be moody. I am very connected to my emotions and and I'm not afraid to express that when I'm feeling a certain way. I also teach visual arts because I love being creative. I love doing my own artwork. Through my artwork, there's an aspect of it for me about beauty, and visual beauty, that carries into my house. As a kid, I remember my bedroom - when I had control of my own space. When I finally didn't have to share a bedroom anymore. I was very particular about how things looked and how pretty they were, and it was my own. Maybe having my own space was great for feeling comfortable in, and it continues like that today.

Linda: Thank you for sharing that. That's awesome. Very, very specific things from before. Here is her twin sister Renee, who is a Middle School Spanish teacher.

Renee, tell us what type you identify with and how that's shown up for you throughout your life.

Renee: I identify with a seven. I read through it all, and the way it's kind of manifested and has shown up in my life is adventure. I love adventure. I've spent probably seven, eight years living out of the country because it's an adventure. I have been able to learn four different languages from it.

I love opportunities! And and it's funny because I have had multiple careers. I'm on my fourth one right now as a middle school teacher. I'm thinking all middle school teachers might be sevens. So anyway, that's kind of how it's manifested for me.

Linda: That's interesting that you mentioned the multiple careers because that is true for sevens. Very often when I do a typing panel, I'll say, 'so tell me about your career' and they'll say, 'I was down in Alaska as a fisherman, and then I decided I'd go to New York and be a stockbroker. And then I decided I'd go down and learn this foreign language. And then I started doing a surf shop, and now I'm a ski instructor.' You know, it all seems pretty normal to a seven, right? So, thank you guys!

If you're interested in this - if this has peaked your attention. If you're going, 'Hmm, this is interesting. I never thought much about this before.' Here are some options.

If you think this is a lot of information and it sounds kind of complicated, it is. It is complicated and it takes a lot of information. You can go to my website, and you can learn all about the different Enneagram types by reading and by watching the free videos.

You can sign up for my Authentic Wisdom Community and have lots of resources, including a longer version of meeting these two women that you just heard. I would love to have you be there! This will help you! This is one of many resources that will help you stay balanced as we go into 2021.

Thank you.




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