The Value of Vulnerability

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2018

The Value of Vulnerability

I have come close to dying five times, in my 7 decades on this planet. 

Until my latest brush with death, I had never actually counted them. Nor had I connected how similar they were in some ways, and how very different they were in others.  I had also never really reflected on how each of these episodes had  shaped the way I chose to live my life, after experiencing them.

The first time, I was only 4 years old.  Enjoying the first tastes of independence, I raced my tricycle down the sidewalk, to the end of the block in our old neighborhood. 

Somehow, after meeting the end of the street, I ended-up head first in a deep ditch of  mud and water.  Undoubetdly, I was a panic-stricken little girl  and would have drowned in that ditch, had it not been for the neighbor girl that had witnessed my plunge. She yanked my head out of that hole, and saved my life that day.

Fast-forward 18 years...

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