Change It UP!

Dec 04, 2020

This is Linda Frazee with Authentic Wisdom.

I want to talk to you today about changing things up this holiday season, and I'm illustrating that by the background behind me, because it's different than my normal background.

So this year we are forced to change it up. We can't do a lot of the things that we normally do to celebrate, to have parties, and do all of that. Or, there's a risk that we take if we do it.

So some of you may be feeling discouraged and sad about that. After all, we've been sequestered with this COVID-19 for a long time. I want to really encourage you to think about some positive ways to change it up for yourself, to find the deeper meaning of the holidays for you. The things that really went well, the food that tasted so good, the special things that you let yourself have.

I want to tell you about an experience I had about 41 years ago in Denver, Colorado. I created a program called "Positive Christmas" and I did it on television and radio, and also through in-person workshops all over Colorado. In doing that, I would often ask people to describe their 'perfect' Christmas.

I would write down what they said (in those days, we didn't use flip charts) to record all of that. So it would be the perfect tree, the perfect outfits, the perfect dress, your hair looked great - it was really a good hair day! The presents under the tree were wonderful. The food was magnificent and everybody got along. Nobody drank too much. Nobody was in a bad mood. Everybody went into the Christmas spirit, everybody got the presents they wanted. It was just this fantastic sort of Christmas.

And to a crowd of about 500 to whom I was speaking once I said, "So stand up if you've ever had that perfect Christmas, one just like that."

And out of 500, there were two people who stood up! And then I asked them, "okay, did you have that one time, or many times?" They each had had it once!

So statistically, your memory might have 'embellished' some of the past Christmases or holidays, whatever it is you celebrate with your family and friends. Or, you may be stuck on some of the times that weren't so good after all!

But in any case, I'd like to invite you this year to Change It Up! And in order to facilitate that, I've created a two-part class that will be on December 11th, 2020, and December 19th, 2020. This class is all about the ways that you can have a Merry holiday this year, and really touch into the things that matter to you, and to Change It Up in a very positive way.

So please, check it out. My website is, and you'll see all about this upcoming class to Change It Up!

Have a good day and change it up! Change up something today!

Linda Frazee,

Intuitive Coach for what comes next!


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