Recognizing Guideposts on Your Life’s Journey

Jun 27, 2020

How often have you wished you had paid more attention to the guideposts, or even red flags, along the way on your journey of life?

As human beings, we have a habit of noticing what we want, and ignoring or denying what we don’t want to address or deal with. Some people are more focused on only positive outcomes while others only notice the worst case scenarios!

My name is Linda Frazee and I have been coaching people for the last 40 years. That was my career before anyone called it "coaching!" In that capacity, I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, 'I knew something wasn’t right and I did it anyway!' Or, 'I knew that idea was worth a million dollars and I wish I had pursued it!' Guideposts can be only milliseconds long of 'knowing' that pass quickly if we don’t pay attention.

Guideposts can be feelings, vague ideas that won’t go away, reappearing messages from divergent sources, or something you overhear that rings a bell in your head. It can be a quiet, internal voice, or a loud shout! You probably have a pattern of how you receive and acknowledge, or ignore, guideposts.

Becoming more aware of your particular pattern around this issue can help you in the following ways:

#1 You have more information with which to make decisions.

#2 You are using more than just one habitual capacity or style.

#3 You can take into consideration nuances that may possibly be overlooked.

Here are a couple experiences I have had that illustrate my slow response to guideposts. About 30 years ago I moved from Colorado to Maryland and wanted to get connected to training jobs in my new area. I began to attend networking meetings and shared what I was looking for. Right away, I heard “You need to talk to Jayne!” I got her phone number and promptly lost it and couldn’t remember her name! The next meeting I went to, someone else said “I know who you need to connect with, it’s Jayne.” That sounded familiar, I said, but didn't follow up with the lead. Finally after a frustrating couple of months, I heard for the third time,“You need to talk to Jayne!” Realizing that was the third time I had heard her name, I called Jayne! Not only was that connection instrumental in my work on the East Coast, Jayne and I developed a wonderful long term friendship!

Another time, the guideposts I refused to acknowledge ended up costing me money! I decided to buy a house for a vacation rental and was sure it was a great investment. As I was collecting all the furnishings for the house, my body felt more and more upset. The few days before the closing, I was stressed and even had trouble sleeping. My body was screaming at me, but I wasn’t listening! That decision to buy that house turned out to be the worst Real Estate decision I had ever made!

I will say that that poor investment has made me more cautious and that has been a benefit, but unfortunately, a very expensive one! I now listen to the messages my body sends me about actions I am wanting to take.

I pay attention when something is repeated, knowing it is important to me, even though I may not know why. How do you tell the difference between warning signs and normal anxiety? How can you tell the difference between your ego and your compassionate, inner voice?

Those are just a few of the questions I answer and lead discussions about in my online Authentic Wisdom Community. Check out my website at and learn how you can become more aware of your patterns about guideposts.

Linda Frazee
Intuitive Coach for what comes next!


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