Quarantine Calm

Apr 14, 2020

This is Linda Frazee with Authentic Wisdom

For may of us, it has been a month or more that we have been sequestered at home. Each week our ability to go out and about has become more restrictive. That’s great if you are in introvert, but if you are an extravert, you may be ready to climb the walls by now!

That’s called cabin fever! And it is NOT always easy to handle! 

We hear and see all the unique and creative ways other people are Handling this time, but it still can be difficult.

Have you found yourself lethargic? Unable to get motivated for all those tasks you thought you would? Are you starting to snap at your housemates? Overeating? Misplacing items like your cell phone or water bottle? Do you find yourself angry that no one knows when this will end and we will be back to normal? Not to even mention worrying about your finances!

Those are just a few signs that you may be getting restless, and rightly so!

We all have to manage this current experience effectively so our feelings don’t grow bigger everyday and ultimately create our own personal tsunami! 

If you would like to manage your stress before it gets out of hand, I have some strategies and practices that can really make a difference. Start now!!!

The first one is BREATHE! You may think you are already, and yes, technically you are! But you may not be breathing deeply. Even mild stress can change our breathing patterns and for many people, this is NOT mild stress. Set a timer on your phone and when it goes off once every hour, or whatever you set it for, take a deep breath!


The third practice is to create some structure in your life. Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time. Select times to move your body and others to take a nap. Stay with it even if is seems artificial. Our bodies and minds are used to structure and too much free time is actually stressful for many people.

And forth, do something fun every day - but not excessively! Watch a move or read a book but don’t read the whole book or binge watch movies or series every day! Even over-doing pleasure can create stress!

And fifth, set a goal to learn one thing new every day. It can be small - like what is the capital of a certain city or learn a new app on your phone.

Because I want to be part of the solution, I have created a 4 part webinar series called Quarantine Calm to assist in managing stress and the feelings about all the changes that are going on just now.

It begins 4/22/2020 at 6:30 PM PST. It is on four Wednesday evenings and will be recorded so you can watch it anytime. The whole series is half price at $47. Check it out at LindaFrazee.com/calm

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