What's Sleep Got to Do With It? Fighting COVID19 with Sleep as Your Greatest Ally

Mar 16, 2020

Hello everyone,

This week, it's my privilege to introduce you to Arizona Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Elaine Stewart. 

Dr. Stewart and I briefly discuss just a few of the ways that healthy sleep can help bolster your immune system to fight virus and disease on this week's video blog.  

Often overlooked, and even discounted, sleep is when your body sets to recovering and healing damaged cells so they can perform at their best and keep you healthy too. 

You can watch the 7 minute interview here - and, trust me, 7 minutes wasn't enough! 

Dr. Stewart and I dive even deeper into this, with the science and resources to help you even further, in a 30 minute video, inside the Authentic Wisdom Community.

This Authentic Wisdom Community is jammed full of interviews, modules, and resources focused on three key areas:

  • The Enneagram
  • Synchronicity and Intuition
  • Lifetime Wellness

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Hope to see you inside!





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