How Will You Emerge?

Apr 28, 2020


Hello everybody! I'm Linda Frazee and I've been working with individuals for 40 years, helping them go through change and stress and difficult things in their life.

This has been a difficult thing in many people's lives right now, almost for everybody's life, not only in our country, but around the world. So now it looks like it may begin to change a bit and we may be able to eventually get back to a semi-normal. Some States have gone faster than others.

So my question for you today is how will you emerge? And I don't mean with your mask and your gloves, but I do mean how will you feel and what will you take with you when you leave, and what are you excited about? I've heard different versions from many people.

Some people are going to be very excited to be with other people to get hugs, to go and see a neighbor, to actually have a group to go to a concert! They just can't wait. Other people are saying, I can't wait to go to a restaurant or just go shopping. I want to go in a store, something different than a grocery store and that's another choice. And you know, other people are just really wanting to be out and feel like they have a choice to do what they want to do. And those are all good things about emerging and looking forward to.

But what I'm talking about is when I say, how will you emerge, I'm really asking you how are you going to be different from this experience and how are you going to take some valuable things you've learned with you? That's the big question.

Many of you have learned to be more quiet and to be present with yourself. During this time, have you been able to just sit and watch the wind go through the branches of the tree? Have you just been able to be still and feel your own breath going through? Have you been able to watch a sunset and just appreciate it without grabbing your phone? To either take a picture of it or to call somebody and tell them to look at the sunset? Have you just been able to 'just be'...?

I hope you've been able to appreciate at least in some moments, being home with your family, with those you live with, with your pets or with your friends or your family, maybe on Zoom or maybe just by yourself. That's important!

Have you noticed things in your house that you hadn't paid any attention to? Like maybe the art? Or things that you've chosen many years ago that you really liked but you've been so busy walking by them, you hadn't even paid attention, have you? Oh, you know, I really liked that. That's really pretty. Or maybe I should move things around. I know many of you have told me you've been doing projects and that's good. That was a good thing to do. And then others have told me, you're just too lethargic to get yourself to do projects. So that would be a learning by itself. How do you get yourself to stay on purpose and get the things done you need to do?

I really want you to start thinking about this now because once things move, they move quickly and you could find yourself back in your car, going to work back at the office, hopefully with a new sense of appreciation and with a new way of knowing how to be still and be with yourself. I mention this because I think it is a good idea to begin thinking about that now! Will you leap back to work with gratitude and forget the gifts this time at home has given you? Or can you be more mindful of how precious each day is now and take that deeper feeling into your new everyday reality?

Hopefully you have discovered that when you slow your pace down, you can connect with yourself. The stillness that's always there, that's inside you waiting for your return. I want you to think about that as you go forward and hopefully you'll be better prepared to take some good lessons with you as you go in into the new life as whatever it looks like. Notice what you most appreciate about the way you have felt and lived your life during this time at home and plan a way to integrate that appreciation into your life going forward. Maybe it is to meditate for at least 15 minutes a day, or take more walks, or exercise in the park. Have you played more with your kids and pets? Maybe it is to drink your coffee slowly instead of gulping it down in a hurry. Bookmark in your mind at least one experience you have appreciated and begin to imagine yourself carrying it forward as our world unfolds around us.

Two things. I have a program, a four-part program called Quarantine Calm. And if you're interested in that, if you'd like to kind of "plus" on this idea of being more calm during this time, you can access it by going to Quarantine Calm and you can get into that program. There's four sessions. One's already happened, but you can always watch it anyway because everything is recorded. You can either watch it live, see it live, or, you can watch it at your leisure.

The second thing that I have to offer you is my Authentic Wisdom Community, and that's just that. It's filled with classes and opportunities, live webinars, and many other resources to keep you calm, not only through this change, but through every change!

Have a good day.

Linda Frazee



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