How to Talk to Your Parents About Your Messed Up Childhood

Oct 03, 2019

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As a person learns more about themselves and develops emotionally, it's inevitable that you become aware of the powerful influence of your parents when you were a kid. Since there is no perfect parent and no perfect children, it can be painful to look back at some of the things that happened in childhood and hopefully none of them were physical, but there are inevitable emotional wounds.

Some children 'act out' at the time and so the parents and the caregivers know that they're really in pain or they're in fear or they're angry. But a lot of people, especially little kids, just close down and all those feelings go down inside - because children are trying to get their parents' attention and the love that they want. And they don't want to make waves. They don't want to be causing problems. And so those things can get buried deep inside.

So parents or caregivers, sometimes they don't even know that the child might have some wounds. I often hear from my clients...

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The Enneagram and Relationships

Sep 24, 2019

Have you ever wondered why people do what they do?

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do?

You may have noticed that people are not always predictable, particularly in relationships. Now, there's all kinds of reasons why we as human beings are not always predictable, but it's especially helpful to know yourself well and those you work and live with.

My name is Linda Frazee, and I've been teaching a system called the Enneagram for 30 years. I believe it is currently the best way to dive into your own self knowledge and understand yourself and others. Otherwise you're navigating from your childhood and your past relationship experience. Sometimes that works for you, but other times it really gets in the way.

The Enneagram is this ancient system refined in modern times. Once you find your type in the system, you can use the map it provides to understand why you do what you do and also why others do what they do as well.

Now, even though we know better, we keep...

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The Dam Has Broken on the Enneagram

Sep 16, 2019


If you've recently heard about the enneagram and you've wondered 'what is that?' and 'how is it beneficial?' and 'where did it come from?' I can answer your questions!

I'm Linda Frazee and I've been an Enneagram teacher for 30 years. I now coach it and I teach it professionally and I'm also a trainer.

The Enneagram is an ancient system that's been refined through the ages. On the surface, it might just even look like just any other personality system. But if you look deeper, you can find awarenesses about yourself and about the people you love and work that can amaze you. This new awareness can lead to you taking things a lot less personally and also increasing your ability to feel less criticized by yourself and by anybody. Now why do I say the 'dam has broken' on the Enneagram?

Well, it appears that those of us who've been teaching it for a very long time, 30, 40 years, and those people who've been out practicing all around the world have finally created what's known as a...

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The Value of Vulnerability

Jun 18, 2018

The Value of Vulnerability

I have come close to dying five times, in my 7 decades on this planet. 

Until my latest brush with death, I had never actually counted them. Nor had I connected how similar they were in some ways, and how very different they were in others.  I had also never really reflected on how each of these episodes had  shaped the way I chose to live my life, after experiencing them.

The first time, I was only 4 years old.  Enjoying the first tastes of independence, I raced my tricycle down the sidewalk, to the end of the block in our old neighborhood. 

Somehow, after meeting the end of the street, I ended-up head first in a deep ditch of  mud and water.  Undoubetdly, I was a panic-stricken little girl  and would have drowned in that ditch, had it not been for the neighbor girl that had witnessed my plunge. She yanked my head out of that hole, and saved my life that day.

Fast-forward 18 years...

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