Find the Missing Pieces to Your Personality Puzzle

Discover the system that not only opens your eyes to your inner motivation, but shows you a way to live from your essence, rather than your ego.

If you've ever wondered what is going on in your relationships with others, this is the place to start! 

Improve your relationship with yourself and those you live and work with.

Discover what really makes you and others tick!

Free 5-Video Series: What is the Enneagram Anyway?

Learn the personalty system that goes beyond behavior. Discover what is really running the show and how to harness your motivation for more success and satisfaction in every area of your life!

Meet Linda

Linda Frazee is an international workshop leader, professional life coach, and co- author of the book Full Heart Satisfied Belly. She is a Certified Enneagram teacher and has been using this personality system as a primary tool in her work with others for the last 25 years.

Linda has over 40 years experience working with individuals, businesses and the government to improve relationships and increase productivity. Her professional training is in Transpersonal Psychology and Imagery. She has been in private practice in Colorado, Maryland and currently in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Her primary message is recognizing the importance of the connection between the mind, body, and emotions for satisfaction and success in every aspect of life.

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